Call for papers

Final deadline for full paper submission: November 08th 2015

The Organizing Committe is in the sending process of the acceptance letters to the corresponding authors. For the papers submitted to SS08, SS09, and SS10, please send directly an email to the session chair.

UTBM, UAEU and UFC Universities, FEMTO-ST Laboratory and FCLAB CNRS research federation are organizing the 4th “International Conference on Renewable Energy: Generation and Applications” ICREGA’16 to be held in Belfort, France. This conference aims at gathering scientists and engineers from academia and industry to discuss the latest techniques in the broad field of renewable energy applications.

The Technical Program Overview:

Authors are invited to submit full papers describing original work in all aspects of engineering techniques related to renewable energy and its applications covering the following topics but are not limited to:

► Renewable Energy Systems, Materials and Physics
► Wind Energy Systems
► Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Energy
► Fuel Cells Materials and Systems
► Energy Storage Systems and Materials
► Other Sustainable Energy Sources
► Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
► Power Systems, Machines and Control
► Power Electronics and Drives
► Intelligent Energy and Smart Grid
► Energy Efficiency and Environmental Concerns
► Transportation Applications
► Green Buildings
► Energy Harvesting Applications
► ICT Applications in Renewable Energy
► Electrical Energy Market, Management and Economics
► Utility Industry for Renewable Energy: Governance, Performance and Analysis
► Hydrogen Energy


Authors are invited to submit papers in pdf format (6 pages maximum, double column, single spacing) template. The paper template can be downloaded from the conference website.

Special Sessions

SS01: Renewable Energy Applications in Rural Areas

Dr. Mohammed Albadi, Sultan Qaboos University (Oman)
Prof. Abbas Fardoun, United Arab Emirates University, (UAE)

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SS02: Bioenergy/Biofuels

Dr. Abdelaziz Atabani, Erciyes University (Turkey)
Dr. Nayrah Shaltout, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (Egypt)

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SS03: DC Distribution Systems for Integration of Renewable Energy
Resources into Distribution Networks

Prof. Dr. Nabil Abbasy, Alexandria University (Egypt)
Dr. Mohamed ElNozahy, University of Waterloo, (Canada)

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SS04: Applications of New Optimization Techniques for Renewable
Energy based Power Systems

Prof. Dr. Ebtisam M. Saied, Benha University, (Egypt)
Dr. Nadhir Lebaal, University of Technology of Belfort-Monbeliard, (France)

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SS05: Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary
Computation in Power Systems and Renewable Energy

Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. M. Hassan Cairo University (Egypt)
Dr. Mohamed BENSETTI, Geeps, Centrale Supelec (France)

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SS06: Architecture and Environment

Dr. Fezzai Soufiane, University of Tebessa (Algeria)
Dr. Mady Mohamed, Effat University, KSA (Zagazig University, Egypt)

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SS07: Advanced Power Electronics for Power Quality
Improvements in Renewable Energy Systems

Dr. Arnaud GAILLARD, University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, (France)
Pr. Dr. Amal F. Abdel-Gawad, Zagazig University, (Egypt)

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SS08: Combined Heat and Power

Prof. Dr. Francois Lanzetta, University Bourgogne Franche-Comté (France)

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SS09: Materials for hydrogen storage

Dr. Omar Elkedim, University of Bourgogne Franche Comte (France)
Pr. Dr. Mieczyslaw Jurczyk, Poznan University of Technology, (Poland)

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SS10: Hybrid Energy Storage Systems and their Management
towards Stationary or Transportation Applications

Dr. Samir JEMEI, University of Franche-Comté, FEMTO-ST (France)
Dr. Javier SOLANO MARTINEZ, Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia)

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Workshops, keynote lectures and special sessions

The Conference will include workshops and keynote lectures. The Program Committee is also soliciting proposals for special sessions, particularly in the above theme areas.
Interested organizers are invited to contact:


ICREGA’16 will be an opportunity for companies to exhibit their products.
Interested companies are invited to contact:


Registered and presented papers will be published and indexed in Scopus.

Selected high quality papers will be published in special/regular issues of prestigious journals after the due double peer review.

Elsevier: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Scopus, 5 years IF: 3.448)

J1 Inverted RGB

Selected papers in the Hydrogen Energy topic will be published after due double peer review in a special issue of IJHE Journal.

International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems (Scopus)


Selected papers in the Electric Power Systems topic will be published after due double peer review in the Jounal of Emerging Electric Power Systems.

Journal of Electrical Systems (Scopus)


Selected papers in the Electrical Systems topic will be published after due double peer review in the Jounal of Electrical Systems.

Journal of Materials and Environmental Science (Scopus)


Selected papers in the Materials and Environment Science topic will be published after due double peer review in the a special session of the Jounal of Materials and Environmental Science.

International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development (Scopus)


Selected papers in the Environment and Sustainable Development topics will be published after due double peer review in the International Jounal Environment and Sustainable Development.

Materials  Physics and  Mechanics (Scopus)


Selected papers in the Materials, Physics and Mechanics topics will be published after due double peer review in the MPM Journal.

Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment (Scopus)


Selected papers in the Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment topics will be published after due double peer review in the Journal of Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment.