Hybrid Energy Storage Systems and their Management towards Stationary or Transportation Applications

Dr. Samir JEMEI, University of Franche-Comté, FEMTO-ST (France)

Dr. Javier SOLANO MARTINEZ, Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia)

ICREGA’16 aims at gathering scientists and engineers from academia and industry to discuss
the generation and applications in the broad field of Renewable Energy (RE) applications.
Although there is a wide spectrum of energy storage technologies, most of electrified transportation or stationary systems are based on batieries. In order to provide more efficient
systems, more than one energy storage device or energy source with complementary characteris
tics must be used in those applications. Technologies such as ultracapacitors, flywheels,
compressed air, etc and other energy sources such as fuel cells, photovoltaic systems,
wind energy systems, etc are still under research and development. Therefore, it is
necessary to blend the individual performances of different Energy Storage Systems in order
to present a competitive global performance. Thus, the development of an energy management
system is a critical task to achieve the desired performances.
There are many research subjects on energy management and Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
(HESS) that make such a field important to discuss, bringing together the expertise of a
very broad range from industrial applications to academic studies. The topics of interest
include but are not limited to:
► Energy storage systems (batieries, ultra capacitors, electrochemical capacitors, fuel cells,
flywheels, etc.)
► HESS – energy management in HESS,
► Sizing, design and implementation of HESS and/or energy management strategies ,
► Modeling of HESS,
► Ageing of energy storage system – power electronics, …

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